Impact Colostrum 100g

Impact Colostrum 100g
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Colostrum is the first milk produced after birth. It is high in protein, much of which is immunoglobulin. Immunoglobulins provide immunity against pathogenic micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses. Most animals are born without immunity and initially acquire their immunoglobulins from colostrum. Newborns that do not receive colostrum have a weakened immune system and increased risk of infection and mortality. Colostrum contains other proteins with antibacterial activity such as Lactoferrin, Lactoperoxidase and Lysozyme.These act to inhibit the colonisation of the intestine by pathogenic micro-organisms.

Colostrum is only produced for a short time after birth. Within 48 hours the composition of the bitch’s mammary secretion changes from colostrum to normal milk. After this time the puppies are no longer able to absorb antibodies from the intestine.


First 12 hours 

• Prepare a daily dose of Impact and feed 1/4 of the amount every 2 hours. Do not feed milk formula during this time, as this can affect the ability to absorb the antibodies from the intestine.

Next 36 hours 

• Commence feeding milk formula every 4 hours. Prepare a daily dose of Impact and feed 1/4 of the amount , mid way between milk feeds. Do not mix or feed Impact with milk formula.


After two days, colostrum can stop being fed, and puppies go solely onto milk formula right through until weaning.



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