MAVIC 400 Insemination Catheter

MAVIC 400 Insemination Catheter
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*now includes 50ml syringe for inflating balloon*

The development of the MAVIC was in response to a need to improve the results of vaginal insemination. The semen deposition using a linear insemination tube often inadequately transfers the semen to the uterus, creating the need to use the classical legs-up method to reduce semen reflux (backflow). The MAVIC vaginal insemination catheter was developed to technically respond to these problems, making breeders’ and veterinarians’ lives easier and the vaginal insemination procedure more effective by mirroring nature. 


During natural mating, a tie occurs with the male penis being locked in the vagina of the female. This tie last approximately 10 to 20 minutes and the entire vagina is occupied, by the penis, which naturally prevents semen reflux. At the sametime the dog’s movements and the dilation of thebulbusglandis of the male stimulate the vagina, inducing contractions which releases oxytocin in the female. Concurrently, these events facilitate semen transfer from the cranial vagina where it is deposited to the uterus and oviducts of the female.


Length: 40cm

Irradiated with sterile packaging

Comes with a 6ml semen safe syringe

Application: single use 

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