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The 20ml Tube Feeding Syringe (Silicone O-Ring) ensures a sturdy connection to feeding tubes, and also are available in several sizes. It is worth noting that tube feeding syringes with a silicone o-ring have a superior smooth action and are therefore more suited to re-use. Oral/enteral syringes are usually orange, which indicates that they are for tube feeding, and in addition, it is important to note that tube feeding equipment has slightly different fittings to normal luer slip syringes.

20ml Tube Feeding Syringe Features:

  • Silicone o-ring for superior smooth action and improved re-use
  • Amber-coloured plunger provides contrast between content and barrel
  • The clear barrel provides a simple view of content
  • Bold print makes reading scale markings easy
  • Markings for both metric MLS and tsp measures on two sides
  • Non-luer compatible
  • Non-sterile (single wrapped food hygiene standard)

How big a syringe do I need?

You should get more than one syringe, and more than one size, if you do not already have tube feeding syringes at hand. A puppy will take approximately 1 ml/cc per 1oz/28.3g bodyweight. This means that a 250g puppy can take approx 250g/28.3g = 8.8mls in a feed. So, to start with they need at least a 10ml syringe. Keep in mind that they will grow, and for a 250g puppy it would be wise to get both a 10ml and 20ml syringe, and at least one of each, if not more.

New to tube feeding?

Tube feeding is often the safest and only method of feeding a newborn puppy, especially weak and low birthweight puppies, who may lack a suckling reflex or are too weak to suckle efficiently. More often than not, the first time we tube feed is in an emergency and we may not be confident or mentally prepared for it. And it may be scary. The second time is easier, and before you know it, you are a pro. Because it saves many a puppy, tube feeding is an invaluable skill for breeders and animal carers. Most importantly is to know to never trim a feeding tube, and never feed a cold baby. Watch this video of correct tube feeding preparation and technique by Myra Savant Harris

Don’t forget to check out our selection of feeding tubes also! Sizes available and approximate suitability for puppies based on weight:

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