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The Breeders’ Health Records & Contracts Package is a collection of useful resources for breeders. For instance, it includes breeding contracts, whelping forms and sales agreements. In addition, it contains the forms you need, as well as literature and guides to complex issues, such as CPR and Tube Feeding. Because it can be difficult to stay organised, our package simplifies record keeping, and makes your life a little easier. 

You need a PDF viewer to open and view the files, and you can print and use the forms as they are. Alternatively, copy and paste the contents into your own word editing software (i.e. Word, Pages, etc), so you can edit them to suit your particular needs. Furthermore, you have unlimited personal use of the package, once you have bought it.

The package contains the following documents, contained on a USB:

  1. Breeding
    1. 63 Day Perpetual Breeding & Whelping Calendar
    2. Mating, Gestation and Whelping Calendar
    3. 5 Generation Pedigree
    4. Bitch Breeding Contract
    5. Stud Service Agreement
    6. Stud Service Certificate
  2. Litter
    1. Birth Record
    2. Growth Record
    3. Developmental Milestones Record
    4. Health Schedule & Record
  3. Miscellaneous
    1. Canine Medical Record
    2. Ownership Record
  4. Puppy Sales
    1. Puppy Application/Expression of Interest
    2. I Contract/Agreement
    3. II Contract/Agreement
    4. III Contract/Agreement
    5. Contract Spay/Neuter
    6. Certificate of Sale
    7. Certificate of Deposit
    8. Sales Record
    9. Puppy Rearing Template
    10. Income & Expense Record
    11. Record of Litter
  5. References
    1. Puppy Resuscitation
    2. Terminology
    3. eBook Caring for the Puppies & Dam
    4. eBook Whelping Guide
    5. Whelping Temperature Chart
    6. Whelping Checklist 

This USB is also included in all of our Whelping Kits.

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