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Calcium Carbonate Powder 100g is an essential mineral for lactating bitches, or bitches recovering from eclampsia.

Dosage for lactating bitches is 25-50mg calcium/kg/day mixed with food.

Calcium supplementation is recommended during lactation, as the demands to provide calcium in the milk is increased. Eclampsia (hypocalcemia, milk fever or puerperal tetany) is an emergency medical condition associated with a life-threatening drop in blood calcium levels that occurs in nursing bitches (signs: poor maternal behaviour, restlessness, panting, whining, vomiting, diarrhoea, clumsy walking, stiff gait, facial itchiness, muscle tremors, tetany (entire body goes stiff), convulsions, fever, dilated pupils). If you are observing any of these signs, you need to contact your veterinarian immediately.  

Calcium is available in both a calcium syrup suspension, powder and tablets. During a whelp, a liquid such as Troy Calcium Syrup is the easiest to administer, whereas a tablet or powder is better value and easy to mix with food during lactation. Sometimes vets will say that any growth formula puppy food is sufficient calcium supplementation, but be warned that gone are the days where all puppy food had vastly elevated calcium levels. You need to read the nutritional contents of the growth formula you have chosen to confirm this. 

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