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Diatomaceous Earth helps with many common problems around the home and garden. Do you want to be more sustainable and eco-friendly in your home and garden? Have problems with aphids, white fly, beetles, caterpillars, leaf hoppers, thrips, mites, squash bugs, slugs, ants in plant pots, season grubs & maggots on outdoor plants? Phew, what a list!

In the home do these things annoy you – bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, pantry moths, weevils, flies, bin smells, oil spills in the garage, smelly shoes, a smelly car, moisture issues in the wardrobe & under the sink?

Are you a would-be Eco-Warrior but finding it hard to battle against any of these problems? Then try a non-toxic, non-chemical solution that comes straight from Mother Earth.

Our Diatomaceous Earth is a very fine granule & powder that has an 100% freshwater amorphous organic origin that may help. It’s Natural, Gluten Free, GMO free, Vegan Friendly, Non Toxic. Can’t get any more natural than that.


DE has 100’s of uses in our homes & in our pot plants, veggie patches, orchards & gardens.

In the backyard, it can help with soil health & water retention. Our DE is 96% pure silica. When added to plant soil, the silica mineral in the DE acts as a soil enhancer building soil silica levels. This may enhance plant health by increasing photosynthesis, its physical strength, its ability to absorb nutrients, reducing fungal attacks and increasing tolerance to environmental stresses such as heat, drought, salinity and soil toxins. Sprinkle over your lawn or blend with potting mix for insect control & moisture retention. Use in your hydroponics gardens. Use as a wet spray on leaves of your fruit trees or dust around the base of plants to help with insect control.

In your home, Diatomaceous Earth can be used as a chemical free helper in many ways.

The porous nature of DE makes it absorb smells, odours & liquid spills quickly and easily.

The scoring ability of the DE makes it a useful general household cleaner. Try making an oven cleaning paste, shower cleaner, dishwasher rinse aid, toilet cleaner & it’s a cheap ingredient to add for homemade cosmetics, facial masks & scrubs. Search Google for loads of recipes, testimonials & other uses for Diatomaceous Earth in the home and garden.

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