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Troy Calcium Syrup is an oral calcium supplement, given for hypocalcemia. It is often used during whelping and lactation or in any other case of calcium deficiency. Troy Calcium Syrup is a dietary supplement that promotes remineralization of the bones in calcium deficiency and disorders of calcium metabolism. Troy Calcium Syrup is commonly given to a bitch in labour to help maintain sufficient blood calcium levels to sustain efficient contractions.

Always use as advised by your veterinarian. Not to be used in place of a high quality balanced diet or appropriate puppy milk.

  • Calcium supplement for dogs and cats
  • For use as prevention of calcium deficiency
  • Can be used in young growing animals, or pregnant and lactating queens

Contains 22mg/ml calcium as calcium glubionate and calcium lactobionate

The ENFit Bottle Cap or ENFit Sampling Straw and ENFit Syringes (together) are compatible with this product.

Weight0.3 kg
Troy Calcium



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