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Wireless Ultrasound Scanner is an ultrasound probe, you can do early and reliable pregnancy detection yourself with. This entirely wireless Ultrasound Probe is compatible with most common modern tablets and phones.

The Wireless Ultrasound Scanner has integrated ultrasound image processing, power management and a wireless signal which can connect to your device.  The probe works as a Wi-Fi access point and connects to most handheld devices, including Apple and Android.


When the probe is waiting for a wireless connection as described in previously, then;

  1. Open the Settings of your device (iPad, iPhone, Samsung, etc)
  2. Turn on the Wi-Fi and locate the SSID of the probe. The SSID format will have the suffix SV-1 followed by a code generated by the Serial Number, i.e. SV-1SA GMBFCA001
  3. Connect to the SSID with the Password which is same as the Serial Number in lower case, as printed on the body of your probe, i.e. wmpbfca001
  4. Launch the previously downloaded SmartVUS App. Once connection from the App is confirmed the Wireless Connection Indicator (1) will stop blinking and become solid.

Remember to buy Ultrasound Gel also! If you forget, you can also use lubricant, but it is more cost efficient to invest in ultrasound gel. Without a contact medium, you will not get enough surface contact and signal conduction to get good images. Gauze swabs are the easiest to wipe gel off skin with.


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