Puppy Packs

Puppy Packs

What do you include in your Puppy Packs? 

Breeders like to send the puppies they have spent time and effort nurturing into healthy vibrant puppies to their new homes with an arsenal of useful items to facilitate a continued positive upbringing and stellar future as canine citizens. 

Most Puppy Packs include written instructions as to how your puppies/breed are best settled in, raised, housed, trained, fed and groomed. Furthermore, they should have at least a few days of their regular food supplied, plus items such as puppy nail scissors, a silicone finger toothbrush to keep gums and teeth healthy (this is incredibly productive towards dogs being comfortable with their mouths handled and examined further down the track), and a clicker for basic behaviour, obedience and trick training. Tick removers are a “must” in most parts of Australia. Other useful items include the puppy’s next worming tablet, some puppy pads for lining bedding and cleaning up accidents, and a collar and lead that matches the colour of their baby collar (easily identified in pictures). 

Blankets that have a familiar scent of the dam and litter-mates are often provided by breeders, and we recommend that these are not properly washed (only spot cleaned), even if somewhat soiled for the first few days, as the familiar scent is lost in a machine wash. If your puppy has to travel some distance, spray the crate/bedding with Adaptil, which will help soothe them on their journey.


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