Whelping Kit 4

Whelping Kit 4
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Whelping Kit 4

You will receive all of the following:


Whelping Health Records & Contracts Package (27 documents) 

Digital Thermometer

Lubricant, nontoxic water based (5 individual sachets)

ID Collars (14 bands, 7 colours)

Kidney Dish (heavy duty, autoclavable, 700ml)

Stainless Steel Scissors 

Stainless Steel Curved Hemostats (Mosquito Forceps)

Dental Floss (unwaxed)

Alcohol Swabs (10 units)
Hand Sanitizer (60ml)

Premium Latex Gloves (5 pairs) 

Absorbent Pads (5)

Pen and Exercise Book

Electronic Scales (10kg - 1g accuracy)

Bulb Syringe (Nasal Aspirator)

Gauze Swabs (x100, 8 ply woven cotton)


Total $151.10 if purchased separately.

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